What is CSA Cases?

CSA Cases is an online bank of mock scenarios. All the cases on the site are free to access.

Is this site free to use?

Absolutely. We decided to make a personal decision in making the site free to use. We felt the costs associated with the exam and other revision material is already enough for trainees to contend with.

Are the cases found on the website real cases?

No. We do not want to compromise the integrity of the exam. The cases on the site are entirely fictitious but are designed to be of a quality and standard that you might realistically find in the CSA exam. Any resemblance to specific cases used by the RCGP in the CSA are purely coincidental.

Why can’t I print the cases?

The cases on the site can’t be printed for copyright reasons. We hope you understand.

I’ve got a question that isn’t discussed here?

Feel free to contact us either via our contact page or email us directly: info@cascases.com