Welcome to CSA Cases

We're proud to work with Wessex Deanery providing access for their GP trainees since 2012

Helping GP trainees since 2011

Established in 2011, we are the pioneers of online revision for the MRCGP CSA exam.

We provide revision material for the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) component of the MRCGP:
  • Mock exam scenarios covering a spectrum of MRCGP curriculum statements
  • The ability to practice cases from the view of a candidate, role player and examiner
  • Additional information about how you could improve your performance in the exam
  • Links in each case to relevant and informative articles to further develop your understanding
There are 60 stations as of November 2015

We believe in quality over quantity. Since 2011 we have added new cases to the site when we have felt they have been important for GP trainees to understand and modified existing cases in view of new guidelines.

Although initially designed for group work, we have realised that many trainees are also using the material for self-directed learning and their training portfolio.

This is not just a revision site for the exam. It offers an opportunity to identify gaps in your own knowledge, explore the issues in more detail, and reflect on your learning with peers.

Member Testimonials
Qualified GP
"An excellent resource to use especially when doing group role play"
CSA Cases Subscriber
"Really brilliant cases for practising with my friend"
CSA Cases Subscriber
"I found the cases to be a valuable resource"
CSA Cases Subscriber
"Your customer service is second to none"
CSA Cases Subscriber
"The cases are very realistic and set out in the same way as you will find on the day"
"I was impressed with the variety of cases on the website"
CSA Cases Subscriber
"I was impressed with the variety of cases on the website"